Line spacing problem after publishing

May 10, 2022


I have some issues with line spacing, when I publish a review in Articulate, as Review 360 or as a scorm for LMS. On the slide I have a table with text.  When publishing, the line spacing changes in the table.

I used to publish the same story-file before and everything worked fine. It´s new that I encounter this issue. But meanwhile the file has been altered by a collegue on another computer. But he did not chage anything on the slide with the table. At least there are no changes visible. Could we have trouble because we use different versions of stoyrline? Or are there settings which affect line spacing, maybe for accessibility?

Thanks for your help.

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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

I had a similar problem with tables as well - in my case it was the use of Text Styles in tables. I still have an open support ticket on the issue.

Please try
- open the project
- then open the slide with the table
- then export the project

If now the table looks normal, you have the same problem as me. Since Articulate has not fixed the problem yet, I manually reformatted all table cells.


Andrea Koehntop

Hi Dido, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! ✨

If your colleague is not on the same Storyline version as you and made changes, the table could format differently. What Storyline version are they using, and which are you using?

If you find a solution from Jürgen's recommendation, let us know! You can also feel free to open a support case with us to troubleshoot further. We will delete your file from our systems when troubleshooting is complete. 

Volker Pesch

Hi Andrea,

thank you for your reply. My colleague uses v3.59.26702.0 and I use v3.63.27628.0.

I considered updating both but I have concernes that we may run into even more problems when doing so, since the version of my colleague seems to me to be quite old. What do you think of that?


Andrea Koehntop

Hi again Dido!

We always recommend updating to the latest version of Storyline, as each update brings new fixes to reported bugs, issues, and new features. 

I encourage your colleague to upgrade and see if this fixes your issue. They can even set up the Articulate 360 app to update automatically, or alert them when an update is available

If they do not update, or that doesn't resolve your issue, please feel free to share the .story file with our support team and we are happy to investigate further.