Items automatically returning to starting point if drop incorrect

Oct 31, 2019


Rather than use the inbuilt Drag and Drop quiz function, I've had to manually set up a drag and drop as there are more than two possible answers. 

However, since the update I've noticed that the drag items return to their start point if they are incorrect. I do not want them to do this as I need them to be able to be placed even if they are incorrect. Can anyone see why it seems to be defaulting this way? I'm sure this didn't used to happen before the update, but could be wrong. 


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Leonie Lawson

Thanks for your reply Jeff. I think I understand what you mean, but I'm not using the actual drag and drop function. I'm just using triggers to create the interaction (as there is more than one possible answer).

The drag items, seem to be automatically snapping back to their origin if the drop is incorrect, but I want them to stay where the user places them, regardless if it's correct or not. I can't see why the system is doing this and haven't had this issue when setting up similar interactions before. I can't seem to find a place to turn off drag return when using triggers only to make the interation work. 

Hopefully this makes sense. Many thanks

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