Oct 10, 2013


Storyline courses connected to our Saba LMS sometimes give users an error when they try to open the course. The error text is:

Java.Lang.Exception: Failed to get cmi entry.

It's only the Storyline courses that do this, so we're thinking it has to be something with the software. The only way to resolve the error is to clear the LMS of any status the student has for the course, so that it appears the student has never accessed the course at all.

We are all running version 3:1305.2012.

Has anyone ever seen this before?

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Dan Halvorsen

After uploading a project (about 3 mb in size), I received the Java.Lang.Exception: Failed to get cmi entry error when I attempted to preview the content. The error subsided after I logged out of Saba, waited about 5 minutes and logged back in again. I did not need to re-load the content.

I believe this error is encountered if you attempt to view content published to Saba before the content is fully uploaded to the Saba server. Typically, there isn't much of a delay, but our Saba server seems to be slower than usual today. 

Karessa Torgerson

Hello! Our team found a solution to this problem and we wanted to share it in case anyone else has the Saba LMS and experiences this error.

The error that students will sometimes get when trying to access a course in Saba is:

Java.Lang.Exception: Failed to get cmi entry.

The solution is to click Yes when you are uploading course content and Saba asks if you want to clear the records. Normally we click No because we want to preserve the data, but something about keeping everything that way confuses the systems when the students try to access Storyline courses. I wish I could give a less convoluted solution, but that is about all I understand about it. Anyway, it works!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Martin and welcome to Heroes!

Have you checked in with your Saba team as well? It seems the issue only occurs within the Saba environment (you could confirm this by testing it at SCORM Cloud which is a great, industry standard for testing Scorm content).

Also, what update of Storyline are you using for the course you've created? We're currently on update 5, and it's worth checking that you're using the most recent update.

Marty Deutsch

Ashley -- the course runs fine in SCORM cloud, but of course that doesn't buy us anything because the issue is with the attempts being recognized and the SCO status and transcript in Saba. Before I can take this up with Saba or our hosting company, I need to validate that I've taken the steps to ensure it's not content-related. I was just responding to Karessa's comment that the error crops up regardless of how the import question is answered. -Marty

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