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Jan 07, 2015


Here's the situation : I have created a formation with Storyline 1 with about 500 slides . All activities in this training are text entry ( Survey- Essay ) . I set the course for the student to revisit many times he wants. They are texts that can be changed during training. So I activated the "User May skip" option for ESSAY activities because it does not have to write them all. Then all my slides have the " Reset to initial state" option to allow the student to change his text. In the player, I selected the " On restart - Always resume" so that the student does not lose those answers. And the option "When running in LMS ignores Flash cookie" is checked. Each activity has a "save " button that submits the answers to the LMS. And I put a result slide for all essay.

Here's the problem : The student writes text and save . He leaves and restart course later . Writes again , save and exit. The student make this several times during his training . And suddenly , the course starts from the beginning . All answers are not there. The student has lost everything. But on our LMS , these answers are saves . In our LMS , we can export a CSV file their answers and everything is there. And even if the student continues to write in the course which restarted from the beginning , all the "old" answers are always available in the LMS.

Does the problem is my .story or LMS

Thank you .

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Philippe Bouffard


I have the same problem with SCORM Cloud. 

More details about the problem with SCORM Cloud: I write text in a section , for example, "The Mission " . I save/submit my text to the LMS. Then I close my course and I open it again and my text is still there. I can modify it as I want.

The problem appears when I write another Essay activity . When I write text in another section like " Research Methodology " I save/submit my second text and I close my course. I open it again and the course restarted to the beginning and all texts are no longer there .

What is the problem with my .story ? Is it related to the number of passage (this option is desactivated)? The verdict Fail / incomplete ?

It is a major problem because students must write a lot of text and there lose their texts, it is very disappointing and the project is unusable right now :-(

Philippe Bouffard


I am able to recreate the unintended restart problem of my course .

All this is probably related to the number of characters ( for all essay activities ) that the person writing in the course.

I made several attempt to make this conclusion :

If you try it, you can experiment the same behavior.

Test # 1 : Go to any activity Essay of my course and type 3000 characters on a single essay activity. Save/submit and exit. Restart course. What do you see? The course is restarted ?

Test # 2: Make sure that the training was fully restarted . Enter 1350 characters on a essay slide. Save/submit . Go to another essay activity and enter 200 characters, save/submit and exit. Restart course. What do you see? The course is restarted ?

Test # 3: Make sure that the course was fully restarted . Enter 1350 characters on a  essay slide . Save / submit . Go to another essay activity  and enter 50 characters , save / submit and exit. Restart course.  What do you see? The course is not restarted ? For me, the course has not restarted. Last test: Enter 100 characters in another essay slide . Save / submit and exit. Restart training. What do you see? The course is restarted ?

Thanks for your help !

Philippe Bouffard

Scorm 2004 v2. I will change this. Is it possible to go up to 64000 characters ?

And about the apostrophe, could you try my two courses ? 

I made two courses but one of these have a MENU with the player and the other course not have a menu with the player. 

Could you copy/paste this text (below) in the essay activity ? Each course have 2 essay slides. Copy and paste this text in two essay activities, sumbit and close. Restart the course.

Tous mes sens sont émus d'une volupté douce et pure, comme l'haleine du matin dans cette saison délicieuse. Seul, au milieu d'une contrée qui semble fait exprès pour un coeur tel que mien, j'y goûte à longs traits l'ivresse de la vie. Je suis si heureux, mon ami, si absorbé dans le sentiment de ma paisible existence, que mon art en souffre.

For me, the course is restarted with the MENU to the player. The other course never restarted ??!! It's the same course except the navigation. 

Philippe Bouffard


I really found what's the problem. This is the apostrophe and revisiting slide without submit button to the LMS.

With the attached file, could you try the following steps:

0- Open the course on a LMS

1 Click in the left menu on the first slide " Type text # 1".

2- Copy / paste this sentence (or you can type it manually): Tous mes sens sont émus d'une volupté douce et pure, comme l'haleine du matin dans cette saison délicieuse.

3- Click on the submit button.

4. Go to the next slide " Type text # 2" with the left menu . Copy / paste the same sentence.

5- Click on the submit button

6. Go to the next slide " Type text # 3" with the left menu. Copy / paste the same sentence.

7. Click on the submit button.

8. Quit the course with the "exit" button.

9. Restart course

***  The course restarts where you left off .

10. Click in the menu on the 3 slides to view your essays if they are there . (they are supposed to be there ) .

11- Exit training with the "exit" button.

12. Restart course

*** I imagine the course is restarts to the main page " Plan d'affaire interactif " and the texts are gone ?

13- Make the same steps WITHOUT the apostrophe . Everything is perfectly functional.

The left menu allows the user to free navigation . So it should not click submit whenever he wants to revisit the slides .

Thank you for keeping me informed about that !

Philippe Bouffard

Thank you for the support .

Effectively, I submitted a feature request related with the behavior of the text box when using the scroll bar. This is not really a feature request but rather a correction to the behavior of the text box, if possible.

And there is the problem with apostrophes and revisits slides with the player menu.

I just wanted to make sure you understand that there are two requests.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Philippe, I only saw one request processed - so when submitting them it's generally best to separate out so that they can be flagged as individual items and tracked within our system of overall number of requests. 

In regards to the issue with apostrophes, we're aware of the issue detailed below, but that doesn't match what you're saying in regards to the apostrophes (accented characters) causing odd resume behavior

If you use fill-in-the-blank or text-entry questions with answers that require apostrophes, you may find that the questions are always marked incorrect. This is a known issue. See this article for more information. 


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