JAWS reads half of my quiz question

Nov 09, 2022

I have a quiz question that is about 200 characters long in my Storyline 360 project. JAWS reads only half of the question, and the other half is read until I move with my keyboard (or press the tab key). So, it's not easy to understand the question when using a screen reader. 

Question: Why is it important to use shortcuts when using the Xprogrammer application? 

What JAWS and NVDA read: 

H1:  Why is it important to use shortcuts when
(stops there. I press the tab key)
H1: using the Xprogrammer application? 


Is there a way to fix that paragraph separation in Storyline 360 so that screen readers read the complete paragraph? 



JAWS version 2022.2204.20 ILM

Microsoft Edge version 107.0.1418.35

Storyline 360 v3.69.28997.0

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