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Oct 24, 2016

Is it possibke to have some feedback about JAWS and storyline? 

Does it working well?

We have tried with different kind of export, seems that just the title of the files is readable? but on the official website it said that Jaws is working but not so much information about the conrext kind of export etc

thank you for your help








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olivier alfieri

Hi Mark Thank you !

Here is the information i receive :

Jaws work only with a flash outpout and only on IE11 and later, a little bit too restrictive and not so clear to find this information at the first step....

We are currently searching for other possibilities but seems that an other document static of the production will be necessary to allow the screen reader

We are also looking for how to be abble to insert ARIA language or Tabindex or other balise into the balise canvas, but seems that no easy to find the canvas balise for each slide in the export

To sad, can be a game changer and we are also open to find finally another solution than Articulate

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Olivier,

Just to clarify, we currently only support Jaws - and they indicate they only support the latest version (JAWS 17) and IE11. So that does restrict and limit you a bit further. Other users in the community have indicated that they use different screen readers with success, so you may want to test out the options to see what works for you and your content but it's not something that staff can offer additional support for. 

I'm not familiar with the balise canvas, but we only have the option to insert additional Alt text for the screen reader within the Size and Position window as detailed here. 

olivier alfieri

Hi Ashley,

let me be more precise and used the aswer from your technical team :

We don't currently support JAWS with any other browser except Internet Explorer 11 and later. This is only supported in Flash and not on HTML5 output.

That is in my prespective kind of restrictive. Because that not allow me to call Javascript and use  HTML5 output to realise rich multimedia elements

In fact the HTML5 output from storyline use <canvas> balise. That is correct. But i need to be abble to insert code for accessibility lnside de <canvas> balise for each slide, like ARIA  code or Tabindex balise

You will find a great explication here for accessibility and <canvas> balise  :


So my concern at this time, is that i'm not abble to find that <canvas> balise for each slide in the HTML5 output.

You maybe know that Accessibility and inclusion become a law in Ontario/ Canada since last january. And probably other provincies will follow.

So that become a Game changer if i don't find a solution with the HTML5 Output

So i try to find some help in the community.

Hope somebody had the same reflection







Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Olivier,

Thanks for clarifying - and yes, we don't currently support accessibility within HTML5. Our team is constantly working on new avenues, ideas and what new browsers and options we can add to our existing output especially in regards to accessibility. We know that HTML5 has continued to lead the shift in e-learning and as such it has been our focus going forward. Once we have information to share, we'll be certain to do so here! 

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