Jittery, jerky, shaky, stuttering animation

Nov 22, 2013

This course is not in HTML5.  Every slide has entrance animations at the very beginning of the slide.  Plus lots of animations on the slides.  The course is not too huge.  About 144mb.

When I publish the course, I'm setting all the quality sliders to their highest.  Bandwidth is not an issue.

When I publish it online (either web or LMS) ALL of the initial slide animations stutter, or are jerky, shakey, jittery, unsmooth, whathaveyou.   Once you're into the slide all of the animations are smooth as silk.  (including exit animations)  No issues with going from base layer to other layers, either.  All of my slides, do, however, get to the next slide from one of the layers on the previous slide.

I'm on the latest update of Storyline that was released this week. 

Still shaky.

Any ideas?

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Dennis Hall

Hi Kevin:

In your LMS, see if you can get the SESSION_DATA increased. Having the setting too small can cause this effect.

Another issue could be that your LMS host is not providing enough bandwidth for your courses to completely be downloaded to the users computer before the Flash files are loaded.

Finally, if your Flash player is a specific version, check with Adobe to see if there are known issues.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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