Jerky animations when previewing and publishing

Nov 06, 2014

Hi all,

When I preview my individual slides, the entrance animations work fine, but when I preview the whole project or publish it to a local hard drive, a lot of the animations appear jerky, especially on the first slide.

Any ideas?



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Tom Norman

Thanks Leslie, I found that thread before but it seemed to be talking most about LMSs. I'm working locally on mine and so it didn't really help.

I've attached my file for you to look at if you don't mind. The problem seems to be mostly on the first page. It's my first attempt at using the software (SL2) and I thought I'd have a play about with the flat design template I found.

Thanks for your help,


Tom Norman

Hi Leslie,


Thanks for that. It seems to work fine in IE, although it does take a while to load to get past the page where you click the log-in button. But in Chrome, I'm still getting the jerkiness, especially on the second and third occasion you visit the learning objectives page.

Thanks for your help again,



Tom Norman

Sorry Leslie,

One last thing. In the story I attached earlier, I cannot get my head around the conditional state changes in one of the slides.

In slide 1.8 there is a layer called 'Advert Tile'. The photo in the box has 4 states and I am trying to replicate the effect where the user can click the left or right arrows (hotspots) and scroll left or right through the states.

I'd tried to use the conditions to say 'if state 1 and the user click the hotspot go to state 2' then added 'if state 2 and user click hotspot go to state 3' and so on, but I've only got it to sort of work.

Is the order of the conditions important? I changed them around a bit and it seemed to help, but still isn't perfect.


Thanks again,



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