Jittery videos, black border lines in Chrome

Dec 19, 2022

Since around one month we have problems with exported videos if the training is opened in Chrome. Videos can jitter and shake wildly, as if they cannot be placed at a stable spot on the canvas. In other cases we have videos with black 1px border on one or two sides. It really looks like there is something going wrong with positioning and anti-aliasing. Did something change in Chrome, are you aware of this issue? Will there be a fix soon?

This issue does not show up in Firefox. And it depends on browser window size. In some cases videos behave like normal, but when window is resized the problems mentioned above occur.

We use the latest Storyline version, but this was also witnessed when an older Storyline version was used for testing purposes. So it seems Chrome did change something.

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Kelly Auner

Hi Huan,

Thanks for reaching out!

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue when viewing your course in Chrome. If you're comfortable sharing your file, I'd like to test it on my end to investigate further. You can upload it here or privately in a support case. We'll delete it from our systems once troubleshooting is complete.

Jose Tansengco

Hello Huan,

Thanks for reaching out! 

I'd like to ask a few questions to help clarify your experience. 

  • Where is your course hosted? Is it hosted on an LMS, or a webserver? 
  • Do you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed? 
  • Are you able to observe the behavior when your course is viewed in Chrome's incognito mode? 
  • If you delete the videos in your course, does the behavior go away?

Regarding the 1px border issue, have you tried launching your course in a new window and setting the browser size to 'Resize browser to fill screen'? 

I haven't seen this behavior being reported elsewhere, so if updating both Google Chrome and Storyline 360 to their latest versions doesn't fix the behavior, reach out to our support team here so we can take a closer look at it. 


Huan Vu

I always get "Your submission can't be verified. Please try again."

So let's continue here

Here is an example I uploaded to Review 360:

Interestingly we observed that this issue doesn't show up on all machines. Strangely on some machines there are never black borders around the video but instead there are white lines above the course screen, see screenshot attached.

Puzzingly it is not possible to make a screenshot or a video capture of the black lines. Any screenshot or video capture looks fine, the black lines are not visible. Only the white lines at the top can be recorded.

EDIT: ah, those bright line come from the other video with the explosion. Both header and that video have a y position of 0, so these lines should normally also not show up.

Setting to 'Launching in a new window' and 'Resize browser to fill screen' doesn't change anything. Chrome is opening is still opening it in a tab and browser window size remains unchanged.

Best regards,

Info inBrain

Hi all,

I'm experiencing a similar problem, where a video will intermittently show a black border on some edges of a video when rescaling the course window. 

I was wondering if a fix was already found for this issue? I will open up a ticket with Storyline support as well, but wanted to check out this thread as well!

Kind regards,