Jotform web object slow to load - sometimes

Feb 05, 2016

Hi everyone,

I use JotForm to record training completion at the end of a course. I have a reasonably good internet connection and the form loads pretty quickly. However some customers seem to get a delay and I'm guessing how fast a web object loads is down to things I can't control like the learner's internet speed and type/version of their browser. The problem is that whilst 5 seconds isn't long to wait for a bus it appears to be an age (for some) when waiting for a form to load and a few obviously give up and exit the course.

So my question is can I display a message saying something like, "Please wait while the form loads..." which then disappears once the form has in fact loaded? I can obviously include a text box that goes after a predetermined time (either on the timeline or as a layer) but this isn't quite what I need. I already include a refresh button that reloads the page but I'd like to do away with this if possible as it allows people to make multiple submissions.

Maybe there's a magical piece of Javascript code I could try.



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tony -- Thanks for your question! FIrst, I just wanted to be sure to share this information on System Requirements for SL2, and ensure that your learners are viewing content in a supported way. 

And also, as you mentioned the potential use of JavaScript, I wanted to share that we are not able to provide support for JS coding. Luckily, we have lots of JS gurus that are usually more that happy to offer some of their expertise to assist! And if you'd like to check it out, here is our JS Best Practices sheet. :)

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