Jump to a different slide when resuming


I assume this is not possible?

I have created a course where when the user reaches the end of the course they are shown a message asking them to exit the course.

When they exit the course and then resume the course I want them to jump to a different slide in the course rather than returning to the slide they exited from.

I have tried multiple different ways of achieving this unsuccessfully and I suspect the issue is down to Storyline not saving variables that have changed on the slide it exits from. It will only save the variables if Storyline jumps to another slide before exiting. Which is no good as ideally a variable on the final exit slide needs to change which is impossible to then save.

Any suggestions other than adding a click to continue button?



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Phil Mayor

All variables are saved when you jump.

Can you do the variable changes on the button or trigger that gets them to that slide, i.e. change the variable before the jump?

Or set the Exit trigger to really jump to a slide to save your variables and thens et that slide to exit course on timeline start.

Phil Mayor

You will need to jump slides to save the value before you jump.

It may easier to use a numeric value originally set to 0. assign value of  one when you jump to that slide and add one when you reach that slide. Set a trigger to jump to wherever if variable equal to one. In that order it will only jump when you resume as it will equal 1 but will equal 2 when you first hit that slide. Hopefully that makes sense my brain is a little fuzzy today so may be off the mark, but does make sense to me today.