Jump to Next Slide After Embedded Flash Object Finishes Playing?

Is there a tutorial for allowing the slides to advance only after all of the content in an embedded SWF has finished playing?  Right now, the Jump Trigger is set to happen when the timeline ends, but that would be way too early.  I tried selecting "When Media Completes" but the Object "Video 1" is not available for selection on the drop down and remains at "unassigned.".

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Hector Martinez

It's not a plain video.  It's actually a Captivate interaction with required button presses and feedback and animations.   I could not select the media on the trigger, as it wasn't listed in the drop down.  Would it make sense to time the entire SWF playback...not sure how to time that either way, and that might be too finicky.  

Hector Martinez

No, there's no need for it to auto advance .  So if it is easier make the next button active after the playback of the Flash content that would be fine.

It makes sense not to use the timeline feature because of the variables. So if there's a way to do this, it would be great to see how.