Storyline screen recordings won't play in project

Apr 01, 2014

I've recorded two brief screen recordings in Storyline and embedded them as flash files into my Storyline project on two slides, but neither of them will play.  Here are my triggers:

Slide Trigger:  Jump to next slide when timeline ends

Object Trigger:  Picture - Play media "Video 1 - stoyr.swf" when user clicks

Player Trigger:  Jump to next slide when use clicks Next button

When I Preview the screen, it just displays gray, and where my cursor is, there is a little circle that indicates that it's waiting for something, but the recording never opens.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Barbi and welcome to Heroes! 

You mentioned embedding them as Flash files, and I'm curious if you used the regular "record screen" function and then followed that insertion method or did something differently? 

You also mentioned having a "play media" trigger when the user clicks, but I'm unclear what they are to click on? The video itself? It's also worth noting that if you've inserted a SWF file, then it will play independent of the slide's timeline. 

I'd also like to confirm that you're working with local project files as described here. 

Barbi Cappel

Hi Ashley,

A little background....I'll try to be as concise as possible.  I was asked to assist a teammate in another State with this eLearning and she does not have Storyline, so she created the slides in Articulate.  I created a couple of brief screen recordings to embed into her Articulate slides.  I'd done this in the past many times using Captivate, but this time I created them in Storyline since my version of Captivate no longer worked when we upgraded to Windows 7.   I discovered that I couldn't upload a Storyline screem recording into Articulate, so we made the decision to move the entire presentation to Storyline.  I followed the steps to import the Articulate slides into Storyline and everything worked fine.  Now I have these two separate (Storyline) screen recordings that I want to embed into my Storyline presentation.  I thought I could just import the flash file onto the slide I wanted, but it doesn't play.  Do I have to rerecord the screen recordings WITHIN the Storyline presentation?  I was under the impression that I could import the flash files.

In answer to your trigger question, I want the recording to pop up and run when they click on the graphic on the slide.

I hope this makes sense!  Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Barbi,

So, you've published the screen recordings from Storyline and are now trying to use those published versions to insert? Screen recordings done in Storyline are available as MP4s to export and download, but when you publish them it will create a number of files (including a Flash file) and you would need a location to host all the published files, and then insert those as a web object (which you could have done in Presenter or Storyline). There is not a  single Storyline flash file created from the published output. 

If you have saved the original .story file where you did the screen recordings, you could export them as mentioned above. If you don't have access to the original file, you could place the published output on a web server and then provide a link to it as a web object. Or, you could record the published version using Replay (which is free with a Storyline license) and publish that to an MP4 to insert into your Storyline file. 

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