Jump to Time Problem and Button States

May 26, 2021

The main problem I am having is I cannot change the jump to time trigger by adding a - or + so it knows forward or backward. Oddly enough, one video works and the other does not. 

I am attaching a video of my issue and a file. 

Also, when I change button states using the Button Fill and Border menus, it does not change the Hover and Down states. Can that be changed?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jeffrey!

I'm happy to help! I saw that the trigger you're editing in the screen recording is different than the trigger you have on Slide 1.4. The trigger for backward 1 is this one:

Instead of using the Time setting, you'll need to use the Forward/Backward option. Here's a screen recording of how to make this change so that you can add the + and -.

Also, for the button states, it looks like you're using shapes instead of buttons. In that case, select the shape and choose Drawing Tools Format in the toolbar. Then customize the Shape Fill, Shape Outline, and/or Shape Effect. 

Jeffrey Riley

Lauren, Oh Oh, user error. I did not see the forward/backward part of the trigger on the second video. I have done this before and did not make that mistake so thank you for seeing it. I have it working now.

On the button issue, my video clearly shows that is a button not a shape. On the video you can see is says States for Button 1. I have had this issue many times before when changing a button, the hover and down states do not change. 

I just tested this again and this time when I changed the button fill, all of the states changed. I must be doing something else in this process. I will have to watch myself and see if I catch it.

Thanks again for the reply and catching my problem (ME). 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jeffrey!

I see that I missed the button issue in your video! Sorry about that!

If you're using any button styles or fill, this will change all of the states. However, the style of the hover and down states will always be either a shade lighter or darker unless you edit either one of those states individually. 

Since you're looking to change the hover and down state manually, you'll want to select Edit States and select the correct fill or use format painter which is what you used in the video. 

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Jeffrey Riley

Lauren, Thanks again for the reply. 

Your help with the jump to time issue really improved my use of that trigger.

Still frustrated that those two states don't always change with the other button states. I don't want to change them manually, but it seems there are times when I have to. In this last case, I inserted an image into the button, but that did not change the hover and down states. Why not? I do find that the format painter is the best way to change them, it is just another step.