Jul 03, 2019


I have an e-learning course with video inserted in few slides and there is also youtube link provided in these video inserted slides as well and after publishing on LMS in zip file and testing,  the inserted video plays and it works but when user clicks on the youtube link the course window closes.  The jump to URL doesn't work, it crashes and exits out of the course. Could you please suggest how to fix this.

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geena alexander george

At the moment I have used the option of replace picture and replaced it with a white blank picture and placed the text over the object which makes it look like a hyperlink when the cursor is brought next to it. This is the quick fix and the web object method works and I tested it on the stage. Just for information and further work I asked if there is another alternative, as not always there is enough place for the object and what is really required is text hyperlinks.

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