Opening Hyperlink in new browser window

In Storyline 2 I inserted a hyperlink in a textbox and want it to open in a new browser window. I specified as below but the link opens in a new tab, not a new window.

The action in the Trigger Wizard  is "Jump to URL/file" and in the New Browser Window Properties I specified "Window: Display in new browser window."

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Mary McDermott

Hi Leslie, thanks for the offer. Right now my company webmaster is looking at the courses to see if he can find an answer. If he can’t I’ll send the courses to you. They link to our intranet, though, so you wouldn’t be able to actually access the documents; nonetheless, I imagine the Storyline docs might be helpful.


Michael Palko

Ashely, are you saying that the Storyline Player setting (See attached) is always over-ridden by the browsers setting?

I also had a Storyline 2 course that had a link that opened in a new window, but an updated version does not.


N.B.: I get the behavior I expect when the course is in our LMS, but not when I publish for the web.  Since this one IS in our LMS, then I have what I need, but would still like to hear your answer, Ashley

Jorge Rodriguez Guasch

To open Hyperlinks in Storyline on a New Windows do the following:

In Internet Explorer browser.
Open Internet Options.
Click on Tabs.
Under Open links from other programs in:
A new window (select this option)
A new tab in the current window
The current tab or window

Hope this can work for you.