Jumping back to where you left off after adding hyperlink (jump to slide trigger)

Mar 27, 2018

This seems like it should be simple and I've watched a number of online tutorials on hyperlinking but not one is talking about going back....

If I link to a slide within articulate there doesn't seem to be an easy option to go back FOR BOTH right after the jumped-to-slide is viewed or a set number in a row. For example, if you link from scene 1.5 to scene 10.3 the "next" side becomes 10.4, not back to where you can from. Also what about wanting the user to watch 3 slides (10.3,10.4,10.5), then return to 1.5? Again, this seems like it should be intuitive but isn't.

The whole point is to move around and create pathways that you are forcing people to take, no? I must be missing something. 




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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Elsa! It sounds like you might need a little help with your triggers to get the navigation the way you'd like. Would you be able to share an example file here for us to view?

Generally, the "jump to next slide" trigger will jump to the next slide that was created. You can change "next slide" to point to a specific slide instead:

An alternative to hyperlinking to other slides out of order, what if you used a lightbox?  That way, the slide contents are displayed, and the learner can close out and remain on the original slide.  This is a great solution if you need to trigger a single, non-sequential slide.

Let me know what you think!

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