Jumping back x seconds in the timeline

Jun 16, 2021


I am using the new trigger to allow my users to jump back in the video/slide. This works easily enough for individual slides, but if my published video is over multiple slides and the user wishes to jump back 10 seconds, this may need to go to the previous slide and then be 10sconds from the end. 

How do I do this?

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Matthew Malandro

Hello Fiona,

I found this guide helpful when trying to learn how to “jump back x seconds”. We have the ability to setup a jump-to-time trigger in Storyline which allows us to jump to:

  • A specific timecode (e.g., 21.52 seconds)
  • A cue point that you added to the timeline
  • A specific number of seconds forward (e.g., +10) or backward (e.g., -10)
  • The start of the timeline
  • The end of the timeline

I hope that this information is helpful!