Jumping from one scene to another and coming back where you initially were

Jul 25, 2017


I have 2 scenes. One is the course, and the other is a Player Tour that explains how to navigate within the course. The Player Tour scene is accessible via a created Player Tab. 

If the learner is on slide 3 when he decides to check out the Player Tour, how is it possible for him to return to that slide when he's done with the Tour?


Any suggestions on how this can be done?





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Brian Allen

If you made your player tour on one slide (converting multiple slides to slide layers), then you could simply use the Prev slide trigger, which automatically returns to the last slide viewed.

Another option might be to just lightbox your player tour.

I'm sure there are probably a dozen other ways to do this, if you don't want to make your player tour one slide or a lightbox... The one that comes to my mind could be a little time intensive for courses with a lot of slides: 

  • Create a variable for your slide number
  • Set the value of the variable to your slide number using a trigger that loads when the slide's timeline begins... (e.g., set SlideNo to "3" when the timeline begins for slide 3).
  • In your player tour scene, build a lot of triggers with conditional values for your close tour button... When close tour button is pressed jump to slide 3 if SlideNo variable is = to "3", etc.

Hope this helps!

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