Jumping to a scene trigger on the Slide Master

May 12, 2019

Hi peeps,

I created a chapter menu on the master slide and added roll over and jump to scene triggers for each chapter. When I preview the course the roll over works nicely but the jump to a scene does not work. It is as if the Jump to a scene isn't there at all (no hand shown). Is it possible to ad jump to scene/slide triggers on the master slide?



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Rubie Buenaobra

Hi Johfra,

It is possible to add triggers to the master slide. I think you need to double check on your triggers. It may be that you are missing some defined items in the trigger wizard that is why the Jump to scene is not working. It might be that the object field in the trigger wizard is not configured correctly (maybe pointing to a different object (?)). 

If you want, you may upload here your .story file and let's see if I can help you with you problem.


Johfra de Kler

I know it is possible to add triggers to the master slide but somehow the "roll over" is bugging the "jump to trigger". When I take away the "roll over" trigger the "jump to scene" trigger works fine.

I created the same behavior in a different project but then directly on the slide itself and there it works like a charm :-) To keep the slides tidy I wanted to put the behavior on the master slide. In that way not so many triggers and objects are on each slide.

Attached you will find my project

Thanks in advance!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Johfra! Thanks for sharing your file. Can you help me understand more about your layers?

For example, when the learner hovers over the number 1, the layer Kapitel 1 appears. On this layer, there is a black rectangle covering the number on the base layer.

Because the number on the base layer is covered, the learner cannot click on it and jump to Scene 1. 

Instead, could you add a Hover state to the number on the base layer, and change the fill color to black?

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