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Jan 21, 2016

I added a screen at the end of my course which uses tab interactions to allow people to go back and review sections of the course.  I can't quite figure out how I can let them come back to the end screen without going through the whole course if they want to review other sections or exit the course unless I put a button on every screen to let them do that.  If I do, I feel like I need to add a condition or state as part of the trigger so that they do not see those buttons unless they have already gone through the course once.  

Unfortunately, I do not know how to do this - any advice? 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Robin -- Thanks so much for your quick response, and I'm happy to report that you attached the file properly, but I should have specified that I was hoping to check out your .story (or source) file itself rather than the published output folder. My apologies for the confusion! Please reattach when you have a moment and we'll see what more we can do to assist! :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Robin -- Many thanks again for your patience! After reviewing your file, do you think either this option or anything listed here (even though I know the slide you are referring to is a tabbed interaction and not a quiz) would do the trick for what you have in mind? Hopefully you're all set, but I did want to mention that you would also be welcome to reach out in our Building Better Courses forum for additional design-related advice! :)

Christie Pollick

Certainly, Robin -- We're always happy to help! And if you should decide to go the lightbox route, you may find this article, Here are Two Great Ways to Use the Lightbox Tool in Storyline to be of further assistance. Also, here is another great resource, All About Lightboxes

Please feel free to share your finished project if you'd like to inspire others, as well! :)

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