Returning to the quiz after reviewing a review/feedback slide

I'm new to Storyline and am writing my first set of slides.  The presentation includes a quiz; the user is required to answer each question correctly before being allowed to move on the next question.  I have the quiz set up with unlimited attempts for each question.  When the user answers incorrectly, the Try Again button appears and directs the User to click and go back to the slide with the relevant content material.  I've been able to set it up so that the click does bring the user to the content slide for review. However, after the user has read this content slide, I'd like the user to be able to go back to the same quiz question and answer again.  I don't know how to get the user back to the quiz question.  Can you help?

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Josh Uhlig

I suggest taking advantage of the lightbox option.  Rather than having the presentation jump to the specific slide when the user clicks 'Try Again,' it will only lightbox the content slide.  That way the user just closes the lightbox and selects a new answer.  This will be much easier than adding all the triggers and variables it would take to jump back and forth between the content slides and the quiz questions.