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Feb 07, 2020

I find your product infuriating and frustrating at times. I hate that I can preview a project and the variables or triggers that I have set up work in "preview" but when I publish to Review it doesn't work. I feel like I spend a bulk of my time on that issue alone. Maddening.

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Anji Heath

Hi Katie. Here is an example of what I'm talking about. If you open the attached SL file and go to slide 35 and preview the slide, you'll see the triggers I've set for the next button appear to work. But when I publish it to Review 360, the trigger doesn't work. Why is this?? It happens to me so often. I would blame it on user error but I've been using SL for years now and have tried real hard to perfect my skills. To me, this is a bug. FYI, the menu in the review link is free so you can go directly to slide 35. 



Lauren Connelly

Hello Anji!

Thank you for attaching your file! What I found in your course is there are multiple triggers for the next button on slide 35. The best way to designate when the Next button is set to normal, is by using the trigger "Change state of Next Button when the Timeline Starts on This Slide if the State of all the Ovals is equal to Visited."

Here's what that trigger looks like in the Trigger Panel: 

Here's the review link for you to test:

A School Nurse's Guide to Bleeding Disorders: Hemophilia

I've also attached the updated course to this discussion.

Anji Heath

Thank you, but my whole point is that while I was working to make the correction, when I preview the slide, it would work. But the minute I publish it, it didn't. I eventually figured out my mistake but what I'm saying is, it's frustrating when I'm working and previewing and things seem fine but then when I publish and test, it's broken. See what I'm trying to say?

Walt Hamilton

If you are previewing a single slide, the environment may be entirely different than when the entire project plays. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure how a slide will act when published is to preview the entire project. That way, when you arrive at the slide in question, you are approaching everything the way the user will. But if you preview only a single slide, there is no guarantee that that is the case. Variables and conditions may differ.

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