Keep getting stuck on slide

I have published a course that includes a few slide interactions (click and reveal slide layer). For some reasons, our associates are having an issue when it comes to slide 1.22 - Once in a Blue Moon the following Incidents May Occur. The plan is that they click on each item on the screen and after all have been viewed, the next button becomes visible to progress to the following slide. We keep getting emails that associates are stuck and the slide won't progress. Is it something in how the variables/triggers are done that is causing this or is it just operator error? Is there an easier way that this can be done? Looking for ideas.

I would prefer to share this course privately rather than publicly. Thanks!!


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Susi B

Hi Brittany,

without seeing your slide it`s hard to tell what went wrong.

Can you replicate the problem? When should the slide progress? When state changes or when variables change?

You can share only this slide with us and we can have a look, if this is possible or you can send it to the support team directly, if you want Articulate to have a look into this. :)