Saving Progress in the SumTotal Mobile App on iOS Devices

Sep 07, 2018

The 'Done' button in the SumTotal App on devices does not save user progress.

The Windows app has an 'X' button, similar positioning to the iOS app's done button, will save progress.

Android uses neither a 'Done' or a 'X' button, but Android has a back button which saves progress.

It is possible to save progress in Storyline on the iOS app by adding a trigger to 'Exit Course.'

However, we would prefer to not have to add that to every slide, and somehow save progress when the iOS user presses the 'Done' button.

Has anyone else had any luck getting this to work? What suggestions do you have?

Thanks in advance for your input.


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Michael Riederer

We have exactly the same situation with the mentioned app on iOS. It is very confusing for users because the Done button is so prominent.

We use Rise courses.

We just got told the following bit of information: There is no configuration or setting to disable the "Done" button. The Done button will only call window.unload function. If the course is not built to save progress when window.unload function is called then the user progress will not be saved

Does anyone here have experience if that can be changed in the SCORM file?





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