Keeps loading on Articulate Mobile Player

May 11, 2016


My SCORM e-learning package is launch from my LMS on desktop successfully with AMP and HTML5 checked.

On my iPAD, on Chrome, logged into my LMS, my e-learning package loads on Chrome and when I click on the "Launch" button, it opens up Articulate Mobile Player but it just keeps loading for a long time. It does not show anything. Why doesn't my SCORM loads? Need help in this.


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Christie Pollick

I see, Melissa! I wanted to ask about the SCORM Cloud, as it is another option to test courses published for LMS. Typically, if a course functions properly on the SCORM Cloud but not on an LMS, that tends to indicate that the issue is not so much with the course itself, but rather the environment in which it is being hosted, and we would then recommend that you contact your LMS for additional insights. 

Here is a great article on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud, and if you would like to share your file, I would be happy to test it via the SCORM Cloud on my iPad also to see if I find the same behavior, as well. You are welcome to upload the .story file here, or you can use this form to share privately if that is preferable. 

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