Key Press Trigger... hoping I'm missing something.

I have noticed that there is now another item in the keypress trigger... it requires you to set an object to be clicked on before the key press will be recognized.

I know there have been issues with keypress triggers now working because a learner is not in the main window (so the focus is in the player or something like that) but I'm really hoping this is not how Articulate tried to "solve" this issue... because this makes using key presses almost useless for folx that *only* use a keyboard. 

Please, please, please... tell me I missed something? Can I have the keypress work WITHOUT having to first click on something with a mouse (or a spacebar press for that matter). 


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Mark Vause

I am having the same issue. I want to  continue to advance to the next slide in a software simulation when the users  presses 1+1=2 on five sequential slides, but without having to click on a slide each time.

The only way to workaround this is to have the while thing on 1 slide with multiple state changes.  Too complex, I'm not sure "You should be able to invoke key presses without clicking the screen, even though the trigger states as such"  is correct, in this case

Mark Vause

Hi Jeff

Here you go. Hope this makes sense

This is a simulation of what I am trying to do. (The source project has some customer proprietary information in) What the user needs to do is build a calculation in a table. They do this by selecting the Answer column, then pressing the equals key. Then click on Arg 1 column and then either click  + on the toolbar above the formula, OR press the + key on the keyboard. Both of which  should progress to the net slide. Then Arg 2, Arg 3 and Arg 4 in the same way. After clicking on Arg 4 they press Enter to update the formula.

This seems to work in Preview  mode but only the = one (which is a quiz slide converted to free form) works when published (which was when I first noticed it and realized there was an issue)



Jeff Forrer

Good day, I just took a look, everything seems to work for me, however my setup may be different. 

Also, the "+" I am using to make it work is the one which you had programmed, and is the one on my keyboard 'number pad' vs. the one that is on the main area of the keyboard partnered with the "=" key, which is invoked by "shift+that +/= key" (Shift + =), so that key is different than the "+" key on the num keypad which is called "Add" in SL which you setup.  Just want to make sure you targeted the correct one, or add both if need be.

1) What version of SL are you using?  I tried SL360 vs SL3.

2) I see it was set to publish for HTML5 with Flash fallback.  Not that it should really matter, but I published as HTML5 only.

3) I tested on a web server and as well as an LMS package on SCORM Cloud, both worked as expected.

Susi R

Hello! I'm wondering about this? I'm trying to implement accessibility, which requires keyboard only navigation, and thanks to the latest update, the key press trigger requires that the user click on something. This seems like backwards functionality and breaks my accessible lesson. Have either of you found a workaround? It's even recommended to add this trigger in the Articulate blog article from a while ago - and now that doesn't work...