Key Press Trigger Not Working

Feb 09, 2022


I have incorporated a Google form at the end of my course and would like a "restart course" button to appear after the user clicks "submit" on the form to ensure that they finish the lesson.  The only solution I was able to come up with is to use the 'Key Press' trigger. That when the user submits the form, they are shown a confirmation which directs them to click the "Enter" key.

I initially placed a 'restart course' button on its own layer and created this trigger: Show 'restart' layer when 'user presses' 'Enter' after clicking on this slide.

The user has to scroll through and click submit on the google form web object so, I thought this would work. But it didn't. It only works if the user clicks on a space outside of the web object on the slide and presses 'Enter.'

Then, I placed a transparent button on the web object and tied it to the current trigger: Move 'restart' button along 'motion path' when the 'user presses' 'Enter' after clicking on this slide.  Again it didn't work. It only works if the user clicks on a space outside of the web object on the slide and presses 'Enter.'

What am I doing wrong? 

Here is a link to the slide:


To get through the form faster, you can enter these numbers in the fill-in sections: 22, 2200, 20-30, 50, 30-40, 3.

You can click on any of the radial buttons and place n/a in the explain why sections.

Thank you!

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Christine Sawh

Hello Phil: Thanks for explaining this.

Since the slide loses focus when the user is only interacting with the web object, I moved the invisible button off the web object and created a trigger to show the restart layer when the button loses focus. This didn't work.  I'm doing something wrong but, cannot figure it out. 

Josh Dean

What if the google form was on a lightbox that opened on this slide and then after the user submitted the form they closed the lightbox which triggered your button to appear. 

Another option could be to build the form in storyline and then use variables to use google forms pre-fill option to send the user to the google version of their prefilled from what they filled in on storyline:

If you're a little more technical you could use a storyline form and then send the results using the google api with some javascript in storyline. I haven't tested this, but here is an article to follow:

Christine Sawh

Hello Josh:

Thanks for the suggestions! I preferred the split screen look but, after converting my slide into a Freeform shortcut key slide thinking I found a work-around, it didn't work. Now, I'm now going to lightbox the google form as you suggested.

I'm not technical but, I will definitely check out the 2nd link!