User presses a key

Sep 08, 2021

Hi, I am trying to get a slide to move to the next slide when the user presses the ENTER key, after a short video finishes playing, and it's giving me a couple of issues. Firstly, I can't find a way to stop the trigger from becoming active until after the video finishes, and secondly, if the user clicks anywhere on the screen, the video replays, which it shouldn't do. 

I think some of it is down to the trigger which says when the user presses enter after clicking on this slide? Any suggestions on how I can make this work the way I need? i.e. to make the trigger active only at the end of the slide, and to stop the replaying action on click?

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Kirk Gialanella

Hi Paul,

It may not be the most elegant solution, but I added a text box 2 that says "Press Enter" which appears on the screen at 31s.  I made its Initial State Hidden and changed to Normal at 30s.  I then added a condition to your Jump to Next Trigger that makes the trigger inactive until the state of Text Box 2 = Normal.  You can tweak further and even hide the text box behind the picture or make the text white if you don't want it to actually be visible... but still want to leverage it for the condition.  

Paul Williams

Hi Kirk, I've had a look at that, and it does work to an extent, so thank you. What it doesn't do is stop the behaviour when once the press enter key is active and the users clicks the mouse button, the video will replay. I might try and log it as an issue, and just change the action. Remove the press enter key and have the users click the OK button instead. :-)

Math Notermans

In fact the solution to this is easy. And based in the old-school technique of blockers. Add an almost invisible element on top of your video, so the press enter key is blocked. Blockers are really old-school tricks to prevent things to react on clicks and enters.

I added a png with a big red cross, mainly so you see it is blocked. Now the enter key functionality works normally and you can use it as is. Replace the big red cross png with a png with only small lines on the sides...or something almost invisible like that...and it will block actions.