keyboard button to replay audio/video

Nov 15, 2017


I'm trying to set a trigger so a user can press a key on the keyboard to replay audio or even replay a video. I'm doing this to be 508 compliant, and I'm using the seekbar already. I might have a user who can't use a mouse so I'd like to make an action using the keyboard. I don't see an action to replay media. Only to play and pause. I can't set an action to play the audio when pressing a key, because I already have an action to play the audio when the timeline starts.  Any ideas?

Thank you


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Debbie!

You mentioned you already have a trigger to play the media when the timeline starts, but you can have more than one "Play media" trigger per audio file! Here's an example of the triggers I used:

  • Play media when the timeline starts
  • Play media when the user presses the A key

Try that trigger combo, and let me know if it works for what you had in mind!

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