Keyboard Shortcuts for Trimming

Jul 01, 2021

I'm certain I know the answer to this but thought i'd ask all the same.  Is there a keyboard shortcut that can trim a layer in SL360 at both the in point and out point?  I'm thinking not.  It would be really helpful and save a lot of time and mouse strokes if I could trim a selected item (Say a text box or shape) at the CTI point by pressing CTRL-I for the in point and CTRL-O for the out point.  Can something like this be added to a future build?

Thank you.


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Graham!

This is a great idea! We have keyboard shortcuts in Storyline 360, but we don't have a shortcut for trimming objects on the timeline. I can see how this would be a beneficial addition. I'm happy to share this request with my team. If it makes it on our feature roadmap, I'll make sure to update you in this discussion!