Lacking a paste in place or paste at TLI feature

Oct 30, 2018

Hi all,

I submitted this feature request, wonder if I have sympathizers for this feature req: Allow me to copy object f rom one slide, then paste it at the Time Line Indicator, and without extending the timeline to whatever the pasted object inherited.

Pasted objects are ALWAYS inserted at 0:00 s, but if you Insert a file, picture etc. it respects the TLI position, and trims to the end of the timeline.

I spend so much time pasting, then readjusting the timeline settings. Shouldn't have to:

For example I copy a picture from slide 1 that extends from 0 to 60 seconds, also the end of time line.

 I go to slide #2 and set the TLI at 10 seconds, halfway on this slide's 20 second timeline.

 I then "Paste at TLI" and the pasted picture now starts at 0:10 and ends at 0:20, respecting my slide's timeline setting.

This saves me several operations: First dragging the beginning of the picture to 10, then scrolling the timeline horizontally to see the end, then dragging the timeline back to 20 seconds.

Perhaps as Ctrl+shift+V and a drop down paste item in the paste menu.

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Daniel Servan

I Soren,

I totally understand what you feel.
What I do when copying images to other slides/layer which is the longer timeline, I untick the "Show Until End", and import all images that I want in a separate slide intended for assets only.
So every time I copy images, I got a shorter timeline.
This is not the best solution but it will minimize the process of dragging the long timeline.

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