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Oct 19, 2018

Hi, everyone!  I have a Storyline project that has slides that use a lot of variables.  I am working on a Mac with Parallels, and every time I duplicate the slides, the program is becoming more and more sluggish.  My concern is that it will not be able to handle all of the slides I need to create.  I need to be able to create them for the purposes of importing them into a question bank.  This particular project has 152 question slides using 9 different variables per slide in some capacity.  Is there a limit to what Storyline can do?  

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Anthony!

Thanks for reaching out and for also opening a case. My colleague Renz is testing your file, but he would love to get a little more information from you. Specifically, he'd like to know what version and update of Storyline you're using, as well as more details about how Storyline is performing on your side. Feel free to reply to Renz's email so we can continue to hunt down the cause of the issue!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anthony,

There isn't a limit, but the overall performance will depend on your computer setup and what it's capable of handling. I'd look first at the details here to work within Parallels on a Mac and using Storyline and that the Windows environment meets or exceeds the requirements outlined here for Storyline 3, but let me know if you're using another version. 

If you're still experience some sluggish behavior, our Support Team can help and take a look at what you're running into. 

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