Last word / syllable of audio track isn't always played

Aug 04, 2016

Our audio tracks include 1/2 sec of silence at the end.  However, I've noticed on occasion that a slide will not play the last word or syllable on rare occasion on a slide or two.

Recently, the I've had feedback from clients who reported the same early cut-off at end of slide. I first noticed this maybe six months ago. I've had to extend the end of track silence or drag the timeline beyond the end of the audio to resolve the issue when it arises.

Has anyone else seen this or is this just another anomaly on our development systems? I should mention all the playback I am referring to is Flash playback, not HTML5.


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Sam Carter

Well, first this seems to be a bug in Storyline that requires a workaround. It is hard to reproduce on demand so I won't wait for a fix.

I don't understand Walt's workaround "advancing not when the timeline ends, but when media completes". In my case, timeline end and end of media (audio) are one and the same.


Walt Hamilton
Sam Clark

In my case, timeline end and end of media (audio) are one and the same.



You may have it set this way, but if there is a buffering problem, the timeline keeps running while the audio pauses . It's only part of a syllable, so you don't notice it, but the audio won't be finished by the time the timeline is. That's why it occurs at random, and you can't predict it, nor reproduce it. Change your "Jump to next slide when timeline ends" to "Jump to next slide when media completes" and see what happens. It allows the media to complete, even if it is one or two syllables after the timeline ends.

Walt Hamilton

My belief is that it is a buffering issue, and even though SL attempts to preload (see this discussion:, this is probably not something SL can control. At least, that's my guess. I base it mostly on the random way it occurs. I think if it was a bug, it would be more predictable.

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