Latest update - issues/queries

I was very excited to see that the latest update had some long awaited accessibility features, not least the use of headings and some user controls. Thanks for that!

As expected though, I have found some issues... or I may be doing things incorrectly. If anyone can help me fix these, I'd be very grateful!

1. Course title - these reads in JAWS as a button with instructions on how to activate it. It clearly isn't a button.

2. When you move into the navigation region, it used to start with the Next or Submit button and then cycle anti-clockwise around the player. This was good because usually the user wants to move to the next slide. Now it starts with the accessibility settings and then Prev, etc. This is not very efficient.

3. I can't get my quiz feedback layers to read at all. It makes no difference where in the focus order I put them (top or bottom), it's like they aren't there. I've attached a video to show this.

4. When I close the preview window, Storyline crashes and my file closes. This is going to drive me up the wall as I check my work constantly.

5. I can't work out how to move between statements and options in a matching question when using JAWS. I can use the arrow keys to go through the options but how do you then read the next statement?

Grateful for any help with solving any or all of the above.

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Matthew Bibby
Nicki Berry

As expected though, I have found some issues...

I find it really sad that this is the case with recent SL updates. I used to love SL2's reliability and considered it a major selling point with Articulate software. Unfortunately, many SL360 updates have had issues and this has damaged my confidence in the software, resulting in me typically using old versions of the software as at least the issues I encounter are known.

I don't have a solution for the issues you mentioned but I hope that they are resolved promptly.

Nicki Berry

Thanks for the empathetic response. Having read at least 3 email trails this morning from a major client, where users are complaining about accessibility issues that are outside of my control (but will hopefully be fixed by Articulate) and repeatedly telling me about their legal rights and that I should test products before release, etc. I was feeling rather fed up with the whole thing. At least I know I'm not alone in my frustrations.

Math Notermans

Articulate and Storyline never was frontrunner on accessibility within the rapid authoring tools. Quite long that was Lectora, but they also fail with the latest updates. I do think web based tools like Elucidat and Adapt are better suited for best results in accessibility. Mainly because they are build in and on the web. Also the LMS you choose is quite important for accessibility. Some LMS's do create hurdles that are impossible to take with any given authoring tool.

Agnieszka Gorgon

Hello Nicki,

You left a comment on my accessibility-related post and I was interested in reading about your experience. I test with NVDA primarily and you already know of the issues I've been facing. 

Like you, I have also experienced Storyline crashing - multiple times. I attributed this to having way too many processing memory-hungry programs open along a very large Storyline course, but this may be an issue with the update and not my computer. 

Regarding other authoring tools that publish accessible content, Math mentions Adapt, I work with Evolve Authoring (based on the Adapt framework) and the accessibility specifications are more aligned to web development interfaces and easier to navigate and troubleshoot (in my experience). 

Nicki Berry

Hmmm, I have to admit, I have considered moving away from Articulate because of these constant issues. The problem is consistency. Our main client wants everything to have a consistent look and feel, which is also important for users of assistive technology. If we change authoring tool, we would probably have to completely rebuild their entire catalogue!

Bret Jorgensen

Hi Nicki - Our accessibility team is watching this thread and the other post that Agnieszka reference earlier. 

I want to put you into a support case to offer answers to your questions and ask some questions about your course setup and environment. You can expect to see an email from coming to your inbox soon.