launching jotform from articulate worjks, but when navigate back to sl2 just get a blank stage

Oct 06, 2016

i have followed up on forum suggestings re: using jotform for survey data

it has worked well

in attempting to "marry" the two functions, i have made a "launch slide" as a means to load jot form from a sl2 published file

works fine

but...after data is entered in the form

when i return to the sl2 published file, there is just a white screen on the stage


please advise

click on test! top left tab

then when you return to sl2 the stage is white



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Max,

I'm not sure what is supposed to be on slide, and I'm unfamiliar with jot form - but I was able to click around on other buttons on your main Storyline screen and have content load normally. So perhaps you'll want to share a bit more about what is supposed to be there and how you've linked to jot form -as it may be something that others in the community are more familiar with. 

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