Storyline 3 Bug - White videos published as grey

May 15, 2017

Hi all,

 I have found what I believe to be a bug in SL3. I have several videos with a white background, however when published from SL3 any white displays as gray. If I publish the videos from SL2 the videos display normally with white. If I open the video file from the published course files and watch it in a player like VLC or WMP then the videos appear normal.

 I have attached a screenshot showing the issue. As you can see in the preview the white is grey but in the video file (this video file is from the published files) the white displays normally as white.

  Has anyone had this issue or found a way around it?

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Matt Smith

Thanks for taking a look Alyssa, It seems to be a browser related HTLM5 issue. When I check your two links the HTML5 one appeared grey (see screenshot) but the flash version was white as it should be. I then published one it myself as flash only and it appeared white as well.

 However when I checked the HTML5 version in Chrome, IE and Firefox it displayed correctly as white in IE (see screenshot) but incorrectly as Grey in Chrome and Firefox. Which browsers did you test with? I found the issue happens in Chrome 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit) but not in Chrome 58.0.3029.83 for Android. It also happens in Firefox 33.0.1 and 43.0.1

Thinking about what you said with the player background settings I checked those and they seemed fine but wouldn't it effect more than one slide if those were set wrong? Anyway as a final test to check the background setting I simply offset the video so that the background was visible. The background displayed white (see screenshot) as it should

I'm not able to share the whole file but I created a new Storyline file, put the video in and it did exactly the same thing so I have attached this file for you but I presume it will be the same as the one you made yesterday.

Apologies for the attachment spam.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Matt, 

Thanks for those details. This is a real puzzle! Here are the browser specs I used for testing. I tested my sample file and the sample file you attached, and I saw a white background in Chrome, Firefox, and IE for both files. 

I'm going to have our Support team weigh in on this, so I've opened a case on your behalf (01073939). Keep an eye out for an email from We'll be in touch shortly!

Chrome 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)

Firefox 53.0.2 (32-bit)

Internet Explorer 11.1198.14393.0


We are having the same HTML5 video issue.

When viewing the video in Windows Media Player and on stage in Storyline, the video appears as it should, solid white. When previewing the course or publishing it, the video appears grey in IE11, Chrome 58 and Firefox 53.

Interestingly, when viewing the published course source MP4 again in Windows Media Player, the video is still solid white. So I'm guessing this has something to so with how a browser displays HTML5 video.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt,

Did you try the steps that Eloisa shared as a part of your earlier support case? She saw the same as Alyssa where the background was white instead of grey. She also looked at re-encoding your MP4 and that version also stayed white. 


Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 are similar in terms of their set up, but Storyline 360 includes the subscription elements of Articulate 360. If you'd like us to test your .story file as well we'd be happy too. Can you share a copy of the .story file here (even just that one slide with the video) or send it along to our Support Engineers here? 


We were also the same, we went back and forth quite a bit with Support testing different scenarios, but all to no conclusion.

We were given links to try, which were proven to be white by Support (video and screenshots), but when tried here, they were clearly grey.

Interestingly, when testing on other devices here, some of our laptops, win 7 and win 10 would display as white across all browsers, so it seems to be a computer specific issue (maybe it's graphic card/driver related). So even though you are seeing grey, your client might get lucky and see white.

It appears this issue has been around for quite a while though with Chrome:


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks RH and Matt for sharing that update for Nicola. It isn't something our team saw in either of the examples shared. It was determined to be browser and OS version specific. 

If you'd like us to give your content a test too - we're always happy too! You can share the .story file with us here in the E-Learning Heroes community or send along to our Support engineers here. 

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