Layer Audio Problem - Storyline 1

Oct 10, 2014

Hi everyone,

I am thinking this may have to be a support case, but figured I'd throw it out there first anyways.

On one slide, I have multiple layers with multiple audio tracks. Every layer is set to "Automatically decide". Let's say I have Layer 1 with Audio 1 and Audio 2.

When I click on Layer 1, I hear Audio 1 and then Audio 2. If I then interrupt Audio 2 by going to another layer and then click on Layer 1 again, it's as if SL gets confused. I hear both Audio 1 and Audio 2 at the same time for a second before Audio 2 stops and Audio 1 continues into Audio 2 as is on the timeline.

Any idea what is going on here? It does not do this if I set the layer to "Resume to saved state", but I do not want to enable this option.

Thanks everyone - hopefully I have explained this well enough!

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