Layer automatically closes at end of timeline


I have a layer that is automatically closing at the end of the timeline within the layer.  I have two layers for the same slide and one layer does this, while the other does not.  I need them to remain open until the user clicks the button I've set up to return them to the base layer.  

For layer properties, I have only checked "hide other slide layers" on both the layer that is working properly and the layer that is not working properly.



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Mike Enders

Welcome to the Community Miranda!

It sounds like there's some mechanism on that particular layer that is closing it down.  Do you happen to have any triggers that might be causing this to happen? 

Could you take a screen shot of the trigger panel on that layer and post?  Or, if you're comfortable, post the file and we can take a look?



Miranda Carls

Thanks for the quick reply, Mike!  I've attached a screenshot to provide you with more info.  The only trigger I have set up is the green button to return the user to the base layer.  I have it set up the same in the other layers and they work just I'm a bit stumped.  Any ideas?

Janet Bernhards


I'm having this exact same issue. I have 7 layers. They are all identical. The user clicks an X button to close the layer. Layer #5 closes automatically without waiting for user to click the X to close--so as soon as the timeline ends, it closes. There are no exit animations in this. All other layers work properly, waiting for the user to click.  Any other ideas?

Janet Bernhards

Hi Wendy,

I will, but I can't do it until the end of next week.'s going through a review now so that I can post it for our own internal users!! Guess I'll have to sit tight. I did try deleting the trigger and putting it back. I also tried duplicating the layer... but whatever it is, it's sticking with it! I may try recreating the layer over the weekend (as opposed to duplicating) and see if that does anything.

I'll post back one way or the other.


Tanmay Ghosh

Actually there is a trigger when timeline starts, but there is no such triggers in timeline ends. However, for now I have set the slide layer property as "Pause base timeline" and it's working that way. I'm using custom back-next buttons here, not the default player's PREV-NEXT buttons.

For the .story file, I'm sorry that I won't be able to share since we have a non-disclosure agreement with client.