Layer order

Nov 24, 2014

Could any one help me with the changing of layer order? I would like to put one of my character layers behind the base layer, so (as shown in the screenshot) the character is standing in the background and the body of another character is the foreground. I have tried adjusting the trigger order to see if this will effect the characters position but he is still standing over the top of the base layer. Any suggestions?

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andy bruce-lockhart

Good question - I am not sure how you would change an existing layer to become a master i'd have to have a play - is there a lot of 'stuff' you want in that master layer then? Someone will know far more than I on that I suspect.

I guess you could start by selecting all the content you want from one layer, by drag selecting it all with your mouse and then access the master slide

View->Slide Master (in the menu)

and then pasting it (into either an existing master or create a new one)?

Someone point out the error of my ways please! :-)

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