Layer Pause

Jan 13, 2014


Is there yet a way to pause a layer?

I've seen posts relating to pausing the timeline on the base slide but not anything to do with pausing a layer.

Appreciate any advice


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Phil,

Have you seen David Anderson's example on How to pause the timeline of a slide? Depending on what you have in your layer and set up you'll also find some similar scenarios within the following forum threads and screenrs:

Phil Whitehead

Hi Ashley

Thanks for the reply, yes I had seen these examples but it doesn't really help on this occasion. I'll explain what I'm trying to achieve and maybe that will help.

I have a slide showing the features of a system, as the timeline finishes on the base slide I want a layer to display with one of the features, as the timeline finishes on the layer the next layer will be displayed and so on.

However the reason for the pause is, that my audience is multi-national and a couple of them are struggling to read the information in time before the slide moves on. I realise I could just use a button to advance through each layer but wanted to move away from this way of the user interacting with the course, which is why I was hoping that I would be able to add a pause function to each layer.

Thanks for any help


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