Layer showing even when it should not

Jun 28, 2016

Hi All,

 I am attaching a simple story file with 2 slides. Here is the problem.

When you open the below URL on a mobile, when you select a radio button on the first slide, you briefly see the "Invalid answer" popup even when the trigger conditions are not met. The popup is supposed to be shown only when the User has not selected any radio button.

The trigger says to show the layer only when all the three radio buttons states are NORMAL. However, when you select a radio button, the state is SELECTED, so, this layer should not be shown.

Please note that this is happening on a mobile only.

Am I missing something really simple here?

Thanks !



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Sharon Huston

AH HA!!!!

I still saw the problem after re-downloading, so I published, and tried the Flash and HTML5 output in Firefox. I'm seeing the problem in the HTML5 pages ONLY, not in the Flash version.  (I usually surf in Chrome with Flash disabled.)

I tried importing your slides into a blank presentation (sometimes that works wonders) but the problem traveled with the slides. At this point I'd either

1) recreate the problem, or

2) file a support ticket

Sharon Huston

 Just to clarify, I have not tried using a mobile browser. Only a desktop browser.. I only see the problem when viewing the HTML 5 pages. (story_html.html) I've confirmed this in Firefox and chrome. When I use those browsers on the flash output (story.html)  everything works as expected.  Since many mobile browsers have trouble with flash, it makes sense that you would see this bug when using mobile.

Sharon Huston

Glad I could help. Yes, even importing to a new .story recreates the problem on HTML5 output. This shouldn't be happening, so you might want to file a support ticket.  Or start over from scratch, which might eliminate the glitch.  Some mobile phones (mainly Andriod) use Flash, so they would use the story.html output.  Others (iPhones) can't so they use story_html.html.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Spread Knowledge, 

Looks like we missed you yesterday, but since Sharon was able to assist in confirming that she's seeing the same thing our Support Engineers would be happy to continue testing this with you to confirm what you're seeing and report to our QA team as a bug if deemed so. You can reach out to them here. 

Anuja Bhise

Hi Ashley, I am facing a similar issue for one of our courses and came across this thread while looking for a solution. Can you please update if this was taken up with the QA team and if an optimal solution was found?...I do not want to do away with the html5 output as it is required to function across all browsers and devices.

Ali Goulet

Hey Anuja!

I'd love to work with you here to confirm what's happening in your instance.

Can you share your unpublished .story project file here so I can take a look at your setup? Let me know which slide(s) you're running into trouble with- I'm happy to do some testing. 

You can add your file right to a comment as an attachment like this: 


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