layer stacking order

Jun 16, 2012

Apparently, newly displayed layers are always stacked on top of the layers which are already being displayed, not matter how the layers were originally ordered in the slide layers window. Is there a way to define the order of the layer (to display a new layer below an already existing layer, for example)?

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jan,  I believe the order of the slide triggers you use to display the layers determines  how the layers are stacked when displayed. In the example below, the yellow layer will appear below the green trigger.

But if I change the order of the triggers so that the green layer is listed first, the yellow layer will display on top.

Steve Flowers

Nancy is right. Last layer called is stacked on top. This includes layers in your master slide, which can empower some neat centralized navigation. This piece (still a work in progress) uses navigation that sits in the master slide on a layer.

To make a layer appear below an already called layer you'll need to show the layer you want to be on top. If I have three layers, red, green, and blue and I want the red to be on top but it's already showing -- I'll call the show green and blue, then call show red again to bump it to the top.

Here's a source example of this in action.

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