Layers function not working in preview

Dear storyline team.

I 've been trying to use layers. But when I have been trying to see it with the preview function, nothing moves.

I would like to set the gradually entrance effect of objects and text by the user click like in PPE.

Could you help me pls.

Attached a basic fille to demonstrate it


Sincerely yours

Tzvi Eizenman 

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Tzvi Eizenman


Dear Mr. Walt Hamilton,

Firstly, Let me thanks you for answering me and for the special sample you sent me. It is giving me hope :-)

Secondly, I understood you were using a button to operate the trigger. is there a way to operate it by clicking any where on the screen in order to achieve one entrance object followed by the other  ?!

Lot's of thanks for advance

Tzvi Eizenman