Layers not showing when objects on base layer are hidden

Jul 17, 2012

Hi all, I'm hoping you can help me with a Storyline layer issue.

I have 6 objects on my base layer. When mousing over any of the objects, a corresponding layer appears describing that object. I want the base layer to be hidden when one of the corresponding layers appears, but when I choose that option under layer properties for the corresponding layer, the layer doesn't display when mousing over the object. As soon as I uncheck "hide  objects on base layer", the layer will appear again on mouse-over. I also tried hiding each object separately on the base layer timeline for each separate layer, but once again, if any object on the base layer is hidden, the separate layers will not appear when mousing over the objects. What am I missing?

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Annie Jean

Hi Barb,

In fact, the element that you are Hovering over needs to keep showing if you want the layer to display. The trigger is set on that element so if it turns to hidden, the trigger is not active anymore.

What you need to do is hide all the elements from the base layer except for the one that you hover over.

If it is not what you want, I suggest that you add hotspots and put the triggers on those. Then, hide all elements of the base layer manually except the according hotspot.

Hope it helps. Don't hesitate to post back if you need further information!

Have a nice day!


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