Layers not working?

Jul 22, 2020

Hi, new to Storyline, and I have a base layer video and 4 layers on top of it that I want to have appear each, one by one.  I've staggered them out on the timeline, but every time I publish, I can only see the video on the base layer.  It's my first time with layers and I've searched everywhere and can't understand.  I shouldn't have to put triggers on, should I?  Can't I just have them fire up on specific points on the timeline?  Also, when I right click and/or doubleclick objects in order to rename them, that option is not given.



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Dave Cox

Hi Dakota,

You can have layers appear at a specific point on the timeline, but it takes a trigger to make it happen. You can add a trigger to show the layer using "When the timeline reaches ..." I like to use Cue points for this, as it makes them easier to adjust.

To rename an object on the timeline, double click on the name in the timeline. To rename a layer, double click on the name of the layer.


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