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Dec 04, 2013

Is it possible to have layers and triggers on a slide master?  I have a slide master layout with multiple layers and hotspots as the triggers for each layer.  When I use this layout on a slide the hotspots aren't and triggers aren't active.  Is it because of the hotspots?  Can they not be used on slide master layouts?  I have to use hotspots because I'm using icons inside a circle as part of the navigation menu.  When I hover over each I want to the color of the circle and the name to change.  I don't want the icon to change color.  So states won't work because you can''t change the state of grouped objects.  

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

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Andrew Probert

Thanks Jesse.  Yeah, it looks like the problem is when I select 'Hide Objects on Base Layer' under the Visibility options for each layer.  But I'm not exactly sure why that would have that affect.  When I created the new layers I duplicated the base layer so all of the objects on the base layer are on all the rest of the layers, including the hotspots.  So why would it be a problem to hide the base layer objects?

Kevin Thorn

Hi Andrew,

What you're wanting to do is possible. You can use states for this with a little trickery.

Create your circle button with the icon and preferred color. Once you have it created, edit the states and delete all the other states so only the Normal state remains. Next, create the other circle button with the same icon but a different color. Do the same by deleting all the other states leaving only the Normal state.

Now that you have two buttons that are essentially non-active and for the most part just graphic objects. For the purposes of this example, let's say Button 1 is Red and Button 2 is Green:

  • Copy Button 2 as is
  • Edit States of Button 1
  • Add new Hover state to Button 1 (remember we deleted that state earlier)
  • Paste Button 2
  • Ensure both are at the 0,0 XY position.

You can do this method with just about anything including shapes, buttons, images, characters, etc. 

If I'm not understanding correctly, please explain. Or, if you can share you .story file with a brief description so I can see it in context, I'd be happy to fix this up for you.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew,

It looks like you're getting some great help here, but I also wanted to remind you that although you can have layers with a slide master, Storyline doesn't currently support changing the state of an object that's located on a layer in your slide master. To interact with objects on a layer, you'll need to add them to the actual content slide rather than the slide master. If you'd like to request this feature, click here.

Also, if you'll need HTML5 output  triggers added to the slide master or feedback master may not work as expected in HTML5 output. This is a known issue. Currently, the workaround is to move those triggers to the content slides rather than the slide / feedback masters when you need to publish HTML5 content.

Andrew Probert

Well, I thought I had it working, but that was just on a regular slide, not a master layout.  Based on more of the responses, it looks like it may not be possible.  Thanks Kevin for you help.  I think you're understanding me correctly and thanks for the work-around.  it sounds like more work though than creating a regular slide and then duplicating it each time I need it.  Its not much trouble to just duplicate a regular slide.  It just becomes a problem if I later need to edit the design, then I have to edit multiple slides. 

Jesse, if you did somehow get this to work, could you attach your file?  Thanks 

I included a sample story file just to show how I have my master slide layout with layers setup.  For the sample I just used shapes, so I know States would've worked, but in my actual file I used shapes with icons as I mentioned, so States doesn't work.

Thanks for the help.

Tamara Haynes

Hi Ashley,

I am wondering if Articulate now supports changing the state of a slide layer in the master slide. 


Basically, I have a Layer that I want to show once a user has completed the quiz. 

I want a button to show that I put on the slide layer to mark the course as complete.

Right now, I can not figure out what trigger to write to make the button appear after the menu item has been clicked from a different layer.


Base Layer: Main Menu (this has a pop out menu, logo and place holders)

Layer 1: Is Show Menu (it pops out and the user can click on buttons that link to different slides in the course)

Layer 2: Is a hide menu screen.

Layer 3: Mark Complete Button (It is hidden on Base Layer, but this is where I need to write the trigger for it to display once a button on Layer 1 is marked as selected).



Thanks for your help!




Kevin Thorn

Hi Tamera,

You could use a simple T/F variable. 

variable "completeButton" initial value = False

Two triggers:

  • Adjust variable "completeButton" = True when button on Layer 1 is equal to Selected
  • Change the state of [Complete] button (on base layer) to Normal *IF* variable "completeButton" is equal to True

Hope this helps.

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