Learner never gets to a completed status

Mar 28, 2014

The complete/incomplete tracking settings are not working on one project. We base the completed status on the number of slides viewed and as far as I can tell, the settings are correct. Even tried reducing the minimum number of slides viewed to 5, but still get an incomplete status. This presents a problem because it is a prerequisite course. What else should I investigate?

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rehan arshad

Hello Jerrie, you can do two things, Firstly check whether you result slides have "Submit Result" when timeline start or any trigger used, because the status uploaded on LMS is based on the result's slide "Submit Result". Also before publishing on LMS go to option Reporting and Tracking, here you can choose pass/incomplete or Complete/Incomplete. second thing is you can use the JavaScript commands.

Hope this will help

//***this will grab a score variable and check that valueagainst a passing score
var player=GetPlayer();
var cScore=player.GetVar("OverallPercentage");
var ScoreLMS=cScore.toFixed(2);

lmsAPI.SetScore(ScoreLMS, 100, 0);

Jerrie Paniri

Thank you Reshad.  This project does not have results slides or scores - simply a matter of viewing a certain number of slides. One of my colleagues found this tech note about the configuration.js file:


I'm testing it now and will report back.

I'll definitely pass your JavaScript suggestion to the other developers here.

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