Learner spacebar function in SL 360

Jul 30, 2017

I had a learner on an Apple MAC give feedback that the spacebar which performs play/pause on a MAC does the same on some SL360 slides and not others.

I tried spacebar on my Windows 7 machine and found that it advances to the next slide... even in the middle of the seekbar's playback.

What is Articulate's position on Learner's use of the spacebar and is it different for MAC and Windows?

Also... is there any reason why some slides will play/pause (when spacebar is pressed) and others do not?


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Crystal Horn

Hi Sam.  We would expect the same behavior from pressing the spacebar on both Mac and Windows keyboards, at least on the same slide in the same project.

The spacebar should behave the same way as a mouseclick would, and what that mouseclick does would depend on where the focus is on the slide.  So if I tabbed through a slide, and the focus was on media, the spacebar would pause and play the media.  If it were on a navigation button, it would advance the slide.

Do you have a project in particular where you're seeing the inconsistency that you described?  I'm curious about the tab order of those slides.  If you can share your project, I'd love to test it out in a few different environments.

Crystal Horn

Hey Sam.  I wanted to get confirmation from our development team on that behavior.  When you initially land on a slide, there is no particular focus.  If you hit the tab key, you'll get a visual indicator of where the focus is.

Default tab order includes object on the slide from left to right, top to bottom.  Custom tab order would highlight the items in the order you identify.

So you shouldn't be seeing anything happen with the spacebar unless you've tabbed or clicked somewhere on the slide first.

But since you indicated that you are, can you share a file where this is happening?

Sam Carter

We're a Windows shop.  We pay 3rd party testers to test.  Two of them use MACs.  One of them is telling me that MAC spacebar does a play/pause on other courses independent of focus.  This could be a MAC thing or something course-specific. I don't know.

Googling a bit shows mac/spacebar works in iTunes, YouTube.  That's the end of my rope.

Does anyone else have knowledge of MAC spacebar behavior in courses?


Crystal Horn

Gotcha.  I have a MacBook Pro, and I can say that in the courses I tested with Chrome and Safari, the spacebar did nothing when I initially landed on the slide.  If there is media in the slide, I have to actually tab to the media to get the spacebar to pause/resume the media.

I'm happy to work through it with you or your tester.  I'd be interested to know where the course is hosted, what browser is being used to view it, and what content is on the slide.

Maybe we'll also get some input from other Mac users in the community!

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