Learning Games - Layers vs. Slides

I am about to create a learning game. I have seen some great templates that were built using dozens of layers on one slide.

Is there a benefit to using layers on a slide rather than slides within a scene? The idea of lots of layers along with lots of triggers within the one slide seems complex and difficult to manage.

With my limited knowledge on this I can only think that this would be done to reduce file size by just repeating the same animations dozens of times, rather than dozens of slides with the same animation?

Can anyone shed some experience here? Thanks!

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Glen!

I think it's really just a matter of preference. Personally, I'd rather have a lot of layers versus a lot of slides. Plus, I really like the functionality of layers as well. 

If it's easier for you to navigate and modify multiple slides, then that would be the way to go. However, if you want to keep all of the content for a specific interaction or slide together, layers may be a better choice. 

I'm sure others will share their opinions on this as well! :) If you run into any trouble, or have any questions with your project, just let us know.

Welcome again, Glen!


Phil Mayor

If it is a game I would build it on one slide.

It is much easier to pass information back and forward using layers and states, otherwise you will need to use variables.

Layers are a nice way to build functions, you can build a series of triggers that perofrm a specific function and then call that layer when you need it. e.g. a timer

I dont think there is any right or wrong way in Storyline so have fun.

there can be lots of good reasons for choosing the single slide many layers approach, the periodic table I built for the showcase would have been a nightmare to manage using separate slides.   Layers often offer a flexibility that slides do not.

Glen Riverstone

Thanks Phil and Christine, much appreciated.

I think I will approach the layer option. Listening to what you have said and looking at it a little more, the Layers are almost slides within slides so the triggers, objects and timelines are in a sense no more cluttered than if they were spread out over slides (which was my original motivation).

This leads me to my next consideration. I had this idea that less complex slides would be less susceptible to 'glitches' occurring during publishing? So more publishing friendly?